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Sabina Davis 
Key Account Manager
+44 208 190 0452
About us
Onex is the largest provider of Microsoft cloud services (Office 365, Microsoft 365, Azure) in Poland. We deliver products in both NCE (New Commerce Experience) and ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) models, offering you choices that align with your preferences. Furthermore, our licensing solutions span across all of Europe.

For international sales, ESD products like Microsoft 365 Family/Personal and Office 2021 Home and Business/Student enjoy significant popularity due to their competitive pricing. Meanwhile, our business clients predominantly prefer NCE licenses, such as Business Standard, Business Basic, and Apps for Business.
We're here to be your reliable Microsoft partner, grounded in trust and practical expertise.

Our experts are always improving, guaranteeing top-quality solutions that consistently hit the mark. Trust Onex to empower your business and drive growth.
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We are Onex Group
Onex Group is the largest provider of Microsoft cloud services (Office 365, Microsoft 365, Azure) for consumers and micro and small businesses.
We boast the title of Microsoft Partner of the Year in Poland and a global finalist in this competition.
100 000+ 
Partner of the Year 
For 21 years we have been running the most popular portal on the Polish Internet dedicated to Microsoft software and solutions. In our portfolio you can find as many as 1200 thematic trainings, which makes us the market leader.
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